Questions and Answers

The fair aims to provide prospective students with firsthand information about global universities, courses, and admission processes, connecting them directly with university representatives.

Yes, registration is required to ensure smooth entry and to help us accommodate all attendees. See register button
No, attendance at the fair is completely free. However, you will need to register to attend the event. We encourage you to register in advance and get your ticket before the day of the event. See register button
We have representatives from several top global Universities attending. A complete list is available on our website. Click here to see list

Absolutely! Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany students and engage with university representatives.

While the fair is primarily informational, many universities will have on-the-spot application facilities. It's advisable to bring along your academic transcripts and other necessary documents if you're considering this.

Research the universities attending in advance, prepare a list of questions, and prioritize which booths you want to visit. Engaging directly with the representatives will give you the best insights. See a checklist of good questions you can ask at the fair.

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